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Tim Walker, Rose Wallpaper, London


Tim Walker, Rose Wallpaper, London

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so perfect.

so perfect.

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i will have sex with the next person who messages me

i got 0 messages and i lost a follower

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Olaf Otto Becker - Under The Nordic Light

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Twin Cats Always Mirror Each Other in Sleep

Scientists are baffled by twin cats, Merry and Pippin, who reportedly always sleep in an exact mirror image of one another.  

“Even if we place them in disparate starting positions or in separate rooms, they somehow always wind up sleeping exactly like the other,” said leading cat biologist and feline sleep expert Dr. Tobias Winslow.  ”I’ve never seen anything like it.”

A polysomnogram revealed nothing out of the ordinary about the cats’ brain functions, eye movements, muscle activity, breathing or heart rhythms.  ”We had expected to find that Merry and Pip were synched up on an internal level,” explained Winslow, “but it is literally just in the way they position their bodies for slumber.”

More tests will be done later this month during a scheduled comprehensive sleep study.

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Be safe east coasters. xx
(photo via BBC News - In pictures: Hurricane Sandy lashes US East Coast)

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